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Tig and Pap, the Zooparky’s new detectives

SEASON LENGTH: 26 episodes of 7 minutes each

FORMAT: 3D animation

GENRE: Adventure, Comedy

TONE: Fantastic and educational

TARGET AUDIENCE: Preschool audience


Tig is a know-it-all tiger. Pap is an all-intellectual parrot. They seem like an unlikely duo, don't they? And they are. But clumsiness aside, the two will solve any mystery together as Zooparky's new detectives!


Explore the animal kingdom alongside Tig and Pap, Zooparky's newest detectives, on their daily quest for mystery, adventure, and fun. Together, this duo is always ready to solve problems, clear up some possible confusion and help animals that get into trouble using basic concepts like sizes, colors, shapes, and directions.


Zooparky is a magical island where all the animals in the world live. And we mean all of them. From the biggest of whales to the smallest of ants: there's room for everyone here.

And with all these animals on the loose, it's not surprising that a little confusion happens here, some other mess over there, a mysterious disappearance somewhere else. And that's when Zooparky’s detectives come in: Tig and Pap.

Whether recognizing where the colorful balloons are in the middle of the forest or discovering which animal is not in their house at night, this detective duo will always end up saving the day by analyzing the environment. With this, the series encourages children to think creatively by observing the world around them.

In their daily adventures, the series will not only amuse children but also stimulate visual and cognitive skills by teaching colors, shapes, sizes, and directions. In addition, emotional and social concepts such as companionship, respect, and helping others are also always present in our messages.




Tig is simply the coolest tiger in the world. Always exaggerated, he loves to brag about his millenary feline skills and his magnificent sense of smell, both of which, in fact, always kind of fall short, as his excitement and rush always get in the way of his instincts (and his forelock). His bragging doesn't fool anyone, but he has a heart of gold that makes him everyone's best friend, and rightfully so.


Pap is a super-smart parrot who loves to understand why things are the way they are. While Tig throws himself into any situation and tries to figure things out along the way, Pap is the type of parrot who thinks twice and analyzes three before doing anything. He loves to have a little bite, even at the most inappropriate times, and there's nothing he loves more than solving a good mystery together with his good friend Tig.



Hey! How about meeting some of the other animals that also live at Zooparky?


He is an alligator like so many others out there: he's sad when he's sleepy, angry when he's hungry, and very happy when he's rested and fed. But most likely you'll find him... taking a nap, which is what he really likes to do.


Sweet and easy-going, Tammy is the optimism in the form of an anteater. She likes to take care of others animals and is also somewhat nosy, as she has the habit of sticking her nose even where it doesn't belong. Needless to say, nobody knows Zooparky better than this very intelligent anteater, right?


Has anyone ever seen a frog who is also the captain of a submarine? Well, welcome to Zooparky! Responsible, courageous, and with a squeaky voice, Captain Frog is the best company to have on the high seas... or rather... the best company to have in the Zooparky’s aquarium. All aboard!


Zé, the duck, is the cousin of Tomé, the mallard. The pair are already so used to all the animals confusing each other (truth be told, they are super alike) that they don't even care anymore, but it is a fact that these two can't agree on anything. If one says yes, the other says no. If one agrees, the other does not, always complicating the group when making decisions.


Chico, the monkey is curious and mischievous, almost like a small toddler who simply has too much energy. In other words: the adventures with him are always full of energy, emotion, and… a good dose of mischief.


Impatient and excited, this trio of cats likes a good party! Born rockers, they have a band of their own and love to turn every conversation into music, which ends up annoying their animal friends a bit. But all is fair in rock and roll, right?


He is the youngest of a large family of horses, which makes him the most pampered and beloved of them all. Up Up loves making new friends and is always galloping from one side of the Zooparky to the other in search of new company every day, come rain, shine, wind, or rainbows.


As you might expect, Zen is a rather lazy female sloth. Easy-going, nothing bothers her peaceful state of mind, after all, her motto is “calm down, everything will be fine”. She also has the right answer to every animal problem, which is usually... just open a big and sincere smile.



Like every child at an earlier stage, Tig and Pap are in the phase of exploring the world and it seems to be infinite. In each episode, we will live a day of animal adventure in the lives of these friendly detectives, who will do anything to find situations that carry a little mystery in themselves.

Are the orchard fruits disappearing? Tig and Pap go out to find out which is the favorite fruit of each animal that roams around. Did the ball fall into a dark cave? Tig and Pap try to guess the shape of each shadow their flashlight casts. Is the rain coming? Tig and Pap race to find the right size hiding place for each animal far from their home.

From the first to the last episode, this detective duo will inspire kids to explore the world around them as well as their creativity, including breaking the fourth wall and asking for that little extra help from the viewers. We believe that breaking the fourth wall makes the child feel more a part of the adventure. This solidifies that children are not only absorbing our content but practicing and participating with us.



Tig and Pap, Zooparky’s new detectives do not work with a dramatic season arc, but rather with a small arc within each episode, making room for countless seasons. This characteristic – so very common in the vast majority of programs focused on preschool audiences - respects the child's psychology and the ideal way of watching for this audience.

Thus, the series can be watched in any order according to the parents and will always end everything with the feeling that the story has been resolved. In doing so, we make it easier for parents to limit the children’s television exposure time to the ideal, without encouraging any exaggeration.



In the preschool phase, children are getting to know the world around them, which is always expanding.

With that in mind, the animated series Tig and Pap, Zooparky’s new detectives aim to amuse, educate and instigate curious little minds throughout the world. By getting involved in the mysterious adventures of Tig and Pap, children end up having their creativity stimulated, which gives them more confidence and support to face the unforeseen and discoveries of their own private world.

Made exclusively for the preschool target, from the simple language and the subtle trait of the animation to the narrative choice for visual mysteries, the series invites children to observe the world around them once they create bonds with our friendly animal characters.


The series talks to children about...

- getting to know different species of animals, providing the development of positive feelings towards the animal kingdom (respect, protection);

- the importance of friendship, affection and teamwork;

- find creative solutions to different situations once you just stop to observe the world around you;

- create situations that contribute to the development of language and memory in preschool children;

- experience moments of expression and relaxation.

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