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About us

Hey, did you know that at Zooparky, animals are the best friends and music is the best company? We started small, creating a universe full of cute creatures and amazing melodies. After all, every child likes animals, big or small, cute or even weird! It all started at a bar table, where all good ideas come from, and this was no different, the only difference is that we didn't leave this idea at the table, we took it home and studied it until it materialized. But soon we found out that it's not easy to be a successful pet, so we decided to expand our horizons and create animated series like 'Who am I', 'Ding Ding Pula', 'Bed Time', 'Rud x Invaders' and many others. And now, we're opening the doors of our studio to other creators, advertising agencies, and content producers. And if you need help creating and materializing your own animated series or music, we also offer consulting and have our magic formula to materialize it!

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