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ding ding Jump

Target Audience - Children starts 3 years old


Genre - Adventure

Series: 26 episodes 5:30 minutes long

Topics covered: Nature | Environment | Inclusion | Diversity | Sustainability | Relationships |Family | Feelings | Music | School Content

Status -13 episodes done, another 13 episodes on production

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Ding Ding is a boy who found a dinosaur and a crocodile in a cereal box, he teaches the world to these new friends, but he always takes a leap before singing a little song talking and teaching about fruits, animals, letters, numbers and all what you see ahead, in a fun and musical way.

The series aims to teach preschool audiences in a playful way.


Ding Ding Jump: a 9-year-old boy, curious and cheerful, who loves to explore and discover new things.

• Biba Dino: a friendly dinosaur who loves to learn new things and experiment, despite being a little afraid, but always ends up embarking on the adventure with Croc and Ding Ding.


• Crocodino-Croc: a funny crocodile who likes to play and make friends, sometimes a nonsense character, who loves to dive headlong into any adventure that presents itself, even without fully understanding it, his motto is let's go ahead!


Ding Ding's world is colorful and full of life, with many incredible landscapes and creatures to explore.

There are many different areas they can explore, including engineering, social interaction, inclusion, health, sustainability, such as forests, beaches, mountains, the environment, and even outer space.

Each episode will present a new concept or theme to be explored, including fruits, animals, numbers, letters, planets, sustainability, empathy, companionship, and much more.


Story Arc

• Each episode will follow the journey of Ding Ding, Dino, and Croc as they explore and learn about a new concept.

• They will face challenges and overcome obstacles along the way, but always learn something new in the end.

• The overall arc of the story will be the progression of Ding Ding, Dino, and Croc within a playful and imaginary universe as they learn together.

Style and Tone

• The animation will be colorful and vibrant, with fun music and songs to engage children.

• The tone will be cheerful, optimistic, and fantastic, with an emphasis on exploring and learning in a fun and accessible way.

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