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Target Audience - Children starts 3 years old


Genre - Adventure

Series: 26 episodes 7:00 minutes long

Topics covered: Nature | Environment | Inclusion | Diversity | Sustainability | Relationships |Family | Feelings |

Status -26 episodes released

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The "Hora da Naninha ( Time to bed )" series features Zooparky characters telling classic children's stories in a fun and playful way. Each episode features a different story, performed by our main characters. Tiger is the king of a castle in "The Emperor's New Clothes", while Ant wears her red hat in "Little Red Riding Hood". Flamingo takes on the role of a pirate in "Wanderer", while Rabbit transforms into a princess in "Rapunzel". The stories are presented in a simple and easy-to-understand manner for children aged 2 and up. Each episode ends with a song as the characters prepare for bedtime.

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